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Plant Rental Display

If you would rather not expend a large part of your office budget on purchasing your plant displays,then could we introduce you to our ‘Rental Option’? For a simple monthly charge, we will supply and install all of your personally tailored plant displays,and provide a full maintenance and replacement service as part of the package. As the displays remain the property of Intriscapes limited for the duration of the ‘Rental Agreement’,it allows for the containers, plants and style of the displays to be changed at any point during the contract period. Thus giving you a much greater freedom to keep your displays up to date with any changes made elsewhere to your office décor.... Photos >>

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    Florists Services

    The Intriscapes company understands that floral arrangements are very personal items. Each of our florists specialize in one particular aspect of florists, ensuring that whatever your requirements, we can match the flowers to your exact needs... Photos >>

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    Plant Nursery and Lawn Installation

    Success of a plant is related to the care the plant received in its juvenile stage. We therefore have our plant nursery which is managed and maintained with the highest standard possible to increase the rate of survival of plants after they are transplanted. We also sell and install lawns of different types to suit our clients test and value for their money... Photos >>

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